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Tongue Tied FIlms: /tə ng tīd fɪlm/.

Documentary Film I Anthropology I Language

Director: Alastair Cole

Producer: Esra Demirkiran, Alastair Cole

Camera: Leo Bruges

Sound: Pyotr Magnus Nedov


Critics Week


An affectionate documentary reading of multilingual love.

A short, light hearted insight into the world of multi-lingual couples in Europe. Shot in 12 languages across Italy, Slovenia, Serbia, Hungary and Turkey, the film follows six couples into their worlds of language and love, told in both their words and those of Scottish psychiatrist and sometimes poet, R.D Laing. The film gives a unique insight into the challenges, humour and reality of relationships in modern Europe

You can read more about the film, and watch the trailer here.

This film premiered at the Cannes Critics Week in 2011, and is currently touring film festivals. See the news section for more info about the latest screenings.

Please contact us for a passworded screener of the film.

The film was made in co-production with Nisi Masa, France.

18 Images of Iran (2010)

Documentary Photography Exhibition.

A small selection of still images taken in Iran in may 2010 to create a documentary photography exhibition. The images are part of a wider project aimed to visually show through both Photography and film the beauty and contradictions of the often misunderstood modern Iran. All photos © 2011 Alastair Cole.

You can view the exhibition here

It’s no awfy serious, nae danger, just a wee bit o patter aboot whit makes language language and aw the skeekit folk who ken wan or mair than wan.    


Fae the viewpoint o’ Boab, a bus driver in Glesca, we’re geen a peek at being feart comin’ tae a new country if you are o’ the mind that you kent the local lingo only tae find oot ye didnae ken it after aw.

(A lighthearted short documentary considering just what defines a language and multilingualism in Scotland.

Through the eyes of Glasgow bus driver Robert we are given a chance to see just how daunting coming to work in a new country can be, especially if you thought you spoke the local language.)

C’Moan Get Aff. (2010).

Director, Producer: Alastair Cole

Camera: Joe Carter

Original Music: Ross Kilgour,

Jamie Pitts, Alastair Cole



Film Competition


A film by: Alastair Cole,

Anna Dmitreva, and Daniel Szollosi

Who is Pikku Kalle? Are you Pikku Kalle?

A short documentary filmed in the beautiful archipelagos of Turku in South West Finland. The film is a collaborative film by Alastair Cole, Anna Dmitreva, and Daniel Szollosi looking at the intricacies of Finnish humour. This short documentary is a film about just what it means to grow up, to tell a joke, and to be Finnish. The film scours the beautiful Finnish Archipelago of Turku for the mischievous character of Pikku-Kalle, giving an insight into the satirical world of Finland, and reminding us of the naughty child that is inside everyone of us. The film was shot in June 2011, and premiered at the Cannes Film Festival 2012 in invitational section of the Critics Week. It is currently touring film festivals.

The film was produced by Tongue Tied Films with Nisi Masa, France and the Polyglot Project.

Please contact us for a passworded screener of the film.

The film is currently touring festivals, please contact us for a passworded screener of the film.


Best Documentary



official selection

New Zealand Film Festival


Learning Through Film: Human Rights in Scotland (2011)

Educational Book and DVD Package

This new book and DVD package is co-authored by Tongue Tied Film’s Alastair Cole with Dr Nick Higgins, and is produced by Lansdowne Productions and The University of Edinburgh. It uses ten creative documentary films as a means to teach school pupils, young people, community workers and other interested groups how to understand Human Rights in Scotland.

You can buy a copy and see more about the book at

Negotiating Reality: Documentary Film Practice  (August 2016)

Intensive five day summer documentary film skills course

This five day intensive University of Edinburgh Open Studies course is being led by Tongue Tied Film’s Alastair Cole. This course will look at the process of ‘negotiating reality’ - the practice of capturing life with a camera and microphone in preparation to construct it as a documentary film. The aim is to help students gain the practical skills and confidence required for documentary film making, enabling them to pursue the production of their own documentary film in the future.

You can book a place and read more about the course here

80 minute Creative Documentary Film

Director: Alastair Cole 

Producer: Nick Higgins

Colours of the Alphabet is a feature documentary shot over a period of 12 months in rural Zambia, in a grade one class with 30 children, as they, and their parents, come to terms with the often bemusing reality of education in their country. A country where you are told that to get ahead means understanding the world in English, despite less than 2% of Zambians using the language in their daily lives. 

It is a story of childhood innocence, misplaced hope, and the role of language as a means of binding a nation together.