Playing with Wildfire (2022)

‘Playing with wildfire’ is an UKRI funded action-research project situated at the interface between theatre-based practice, visual arts and social science research. The project was funded by the British Arts and Humanities Research Council and led by Newcastle University in collaboration with the NGO Ciudadanía and the University of Manchester. Outputs include photographic and video exhibitions, as well as short and mid length documentary films for release over 2022 and 2023.

At the heart of the project was touring community theatre initiative based on Forum Theatre (FT), used to conduct social research and generate community-based responses to multi-layered conflicts (cultural, political, distributive, environmental) in communities most affected by recent extensive wildfires in Bolivia.

The research team is made up of academic and creative arts practicitons from the UK, Bolivia and Italy. As a Co/I on the project, Alastair Cole has led the video and film outputs, including producing new short and mid length documentary films for release in 2023, and 3 video installation works exhibition alongside photographic work in Newcastle, Stirling, Glasgow in 2022, and in London and Bolivia in 2023.

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